COVID-19 Travel Warnings – Where Can We Citizens Travel?

Recently, the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a global pandemic. There are confirmed cases from more than 110 countries and more than 70 confirmed indigenous transmissions. Different countries increased their border controls and curbed the movement of people to ensure public safety. Nevertheless, the countries haven’t eliminated all the risks associated with COVID. In order to protect the public health, countries must strike a balance between health and safety while fostering tourism.

The countries under the travel warnings were: mainland China, twenty Asian and nine Central Asian countries; 26 Schengen member states; United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland; 14 Eastern European countries; and 16 Middle East and five North African nations. Travel warnings are in place for many of these countries as they continue to monitor the outbreak’s progress. It’s important to monitor the latest information and make any necessary adjustments. You can get up to date information about any changes to travel warnings by signing up for the CECC’s travel alerts.

There have been reports of COVID-19 outside China as well. The number of confirmed cases is approaching 10,000. Various countries have declared states of emergency and implemented strict quarantine and border control measures to protect travelers. The epidemic situation in the United States has also escalated recently. The Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) has increased the travel warning for affected countries to Level 2. You should exercise enhanced precautions and avoid exposing yourself to COVID if you’re planning to visit these countries.

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