Experience the Game of Shooting Fish to Redeem Rewards With Simple Gameplay

ST666 Shooting fish to change rewards is one of the hot games that attracts a lot of players to participate. In particular, when you have attractive items that will help you hunt more prey. Specifically, please follow the following article for more details.

1.What is the reward for shooting fish?

Shooting fish to change rewards is an online fish shooting game, in which it is possible to exchange scratch cards or cash. Currently shooting fish to change bonuses is present in most of the big and small casinos today. This is considered the most attractive coin-earning playground at the bookies. Besides, with a simple gameplay that does not require too much experience, it will help you gain many trophies.

In each game, there are enough levels to play. From level 1 is the most basic to the higher level, the more thrilling. Currently, the online fish shooting game is updated and refreshed a lot.

The smart technology system is pre-programmed to create a fair playing space for you. All new or experienced players can experience at any level of shooting fish.

2.How to play shooting fish to exchange rewards

For players who are just starting to participate in the sport of shooting fish, there will be some unclear problems. Here we will guide you how to play shooting fish online to change the easiest to understand:

2.1 Choose the level of shooting fish to exchange rewards

There are many different levels of shooting fish. Each level will match the player’s shooting skills. Therefore, the first thing when participating in shooting fish is to choose the level that is right for you. For those who have played for a long time, they can choose a higher level of play.

There are obstacles and large prey that require players to have skills to be able to defeat them. As for the beginner players, you should choose the basic level to get used to the game gradually.

2.2 Selection of shooting items

After you have selected a table, next you will go to buy items to participate in shooting fish. Some items are available such as small or large guns, ammo and explosives.

2.3 Aim accurately

With online fish shooting, there is a very simple way to play. Players just aim and shoot. The more prey you can shoot, the more trophies you will collect. The good shooting skill passed down by the masters is to aim accurately. Each different fish will need to use a different amount of ammo. For example, for a big fish, use large bullets and vice versa.

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2.4 Flexible ammo increase and decrease

After the target has been targeted, the player needs to use the strategy of increasing and decreasing ammo. The larger the prey, the larger the number of bullets needed. You should choose bullets with strong damage to be able to defeat large prey.

For small prey, you should not use large bullets. This is wasteful and when encountering large prey, there will not be enough bullets to shoot.

2.5Shoot fish in groups

The next step is to determine the shooting target, namely in groups, singles or pairs. If you meet a school of young fish swimming in groups, you shoot bullets continuously to hit as many targets as possible. For 1 fish, if you have fired 3 or 4 bullets, you should ignore it.

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2.6Get bonus points and items

At the end of each online fish shooting game, you should collect all the trophies that you have won. You can then choose to accumulate bonus points, exchange scratch cards or items to use for the next fish shooting match.

3. Tips to conquer the game of shooting fish to exchange rewards

To be able to conquer the sport of shooting fish, you need to use the best tips and pocket the necessary notes. Here are some playing experiences compiled from online fish shooting masters that you can refer to:

3.1 Choosing a sniper strategy

Most players psychologically want to shoot down large prey, because they bring more loot than small fish. However, this is not a smart game strategy.

Ignoring the small fish and just waiting for the big fish will make you lose more time. In particular, in the case of inexperience, it is very difficult for players to defeat large prey in a moment.

3.2 Tips for shooting stray bullet fish

If the player who shoots the fish does not die, the point will be forfeited. The more points you lose, the more coins and items you lose.

In addition, if you miss the shot, some fish will still die and they are called dead fish. In this case you can get bonus points.

3.3 Shooting fish with rotating barrel

In the online fish shooting game, players should rotate the gun barrel continuously around the shooting table. Then use the strategy of firing each bullet, so that the two bullets do not go in the same direction.

Thus, each bullet will go in a different direction. The odds of hitting the prey have since also increased. In the case of a large fish, the player focuses on shooting 3 to 4 bullets. Thus, their probability of death will be higher.

3.4 Shoot fast, slow flexible

Another tip for all players, especially those who are new to shooting fish, is the fast and slow shooting technique. For small fish that are easy to die, people Shooting at a slow speed can also knock down prey.

But for large prey, if you shoot slowly, it will not be possible to defeat them. Therefore, you need to know how to shoot with a fast or slow speed at the right time. This method both saves you bullets and kills more targets.

3.5 Don’t let the fish appear too much

A tip for those who shoot fish to exchange rewards is not to let the fish appear a lot to start shooting. This will make it easy for you to get confused. The more fish appear, their swimming speed will make us dizzy. From there, it is impossible to determine the target to shoot.

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In addition, having too many fish will cause more bullets to be fired. Therefore, shoot immediately when the prey appears.

4.Some experience participating in shooting fish to exchange rewards

Here are some notes when participating in shooting fish online to exchange rewards that you can refer to:

Choose a reputable and safe place to shoot fish to exchange rewards. A place that offers a good fish shooting game guarantees the best services and bonuses. Such as high bonus points, gifting many items, modern game modes. In addition, it also ensures the safety of information and data of all players.

Investing in the right items is a note that you need to pay attention to. Buying fish shooting items such as explosives, bullets or reasonable guns will help players defeat more prey. Do not buy too many large ammo or too many small ammo. Thus, in the match you will not be able to control the amount of bullets fired. In addition, this costs more money.

Earn points to exchange valuable items. For large items such as dynamite, large caliber guns will have a high cost. Therefore, to be able to save money, players can choose to accumulate points to redeem gifts.

Thus, the above article we have introduced to you the information related to shooting fish to change the best prize today. Do not hesitate any longer, let’s join the experience of this super attractive online fish shooting game right now!

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