Gunjan Saxena Movie Review

The movie Gunjan Saxena has been receiving positive reviews from critics and news portals. The film doesn’t involve ugly jingoism, which was one of the main criticisms that greeted it. Instead, it focuses on a patriotic, emotional character. The movie’s story and treatment are both heartwarming and patriotic. In fact, it even has a heroic running entry shot that has audiences goosebumps.

The biopic Gunjan Saxena was released on Netflix on August 12. The biopic is produced by Dharma productions and stars Janhvi Kapoor. It also stars Angad Bedi and Pankaj Mishra. The film’s budget has not been disclosed, but it has been said to have earned a decent return through OTT platform. It might have cost around 30 to 35 crores.

The Kargil Girl is a patriotic biopic about a young Indian air force pilot, Gunjan Saxena. She was the first female fighter pilot in battle. This film was initially set for release on 13 March 2020, but it was later pulled from the schedule. Luckily, Netflix picked up the distribution rights. It is expected to perform well in the box office. It has already garnered positive reviews from critics and audiences.

According to Box Office India, the film has earned over Rs 35 crore during its lifetime. However, it’s unclear how many people will be interested in seeing the film. In fact, a new report suggests that the film has a decent audience appeal and might even surpass expectations. But, that’s probably too early to tell. In the meantime, it will be interesting to see how it performs at the box office.

The story of Gunjan Saxena’s plight is one of feminism in action. Gunjan is a first-generation, female fighter pilot who has battled stereotypes and biases to fulfill her dreams. Her father is her biggest cheerleader, portraying a feminist father who encourages her. She fought for her dreams and became the first female fighter pilot in India.

Although academically gifted, Gunjan wants to drop out of school to pursue a career as a pilot. But, his father believes that women shouldn’t sit in cockpits, so he encourages him to continue with his dream. Although Gunjan makes many attempts to become a pilot, she is discouraged by the high costs and lack of opportunities. But after several unsuccessful attempts, he finally becomes a pilot and the movie continues to earn box office glory.

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