HEADLINE: What Makes Migrating To Microsoft Azure Perfect for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Are you looking to migrate your data centre and infrastructure to the Microsoft Azure platform? Are you wondering whether your small or medium sized business would benefit from migrating to Microsoft Azure? Not only are there hundreds of benefits to moving to the cloud, but you as a business will also reap many rewards in terms of things like better productivity and decreasing costs in general. Let us take a look at how business owners can make the move in the most organic and efficient way possible using the help of Microsoft partners.

As a business owner, the first step is to identify why you are wanting to actually make this move and change. If you identify the motivation behind the migration, then you will be able to pin down what exact goals and outcomes you want to achieve at the end of the day. Microsoft Azure offer Azure migrate tools which help you to discover and assess different on premises workloads and then provide certain guidance in terms of the tools that you should make use of when you actually undertake the migration.

When it comes to finding the ideal Microsoft partner for your business to partner up with, the best thing for you to do is either reach out directly to Microsoft themselves or reach out to a few different Microsoft partners in your area. A great example of a Microsoft partner and provider of IT Support Services London businesses have used to migrate to Azure, is the IT support provider known as TechQuarters. They have helped countless companies in London and the United Kingdom, both big and small, to migrate their entire Internet infrastructure and network onto the Microsoft Azure platform with ease. Not only are they able to do this but they also provide ongoing and proactive IT support for their clients and customers once the migration has finalised – They will also be able to provide proof and evidence that they have worked with a multitude of different companies across different sectors and will be able to help you with your unique needs and goals.

Microsoft partners like this will provide IT support for their clients no matter where they might be based, as an example TechQuarters provide IT support across the entire UK including IT Support in Sheffield or IT support in Manchester as an example. Not only is migrating over to a platform like Azure a pretty big step for most small businesses, but it can also seem quite daunting to undertake this entire process on your own which is why it is the perfect solution to partner up with an IT support company and Microsoft partner that you can trust to help you.

Your Microsoft partner will be with you every step of the way of your migration. In the beginning they will help you to review certain areas during the preparation phase such as which kind of storage solutions you want to use an how you are going to set up your virtual network. At the end of the day, you want to have as much control over your computing and virtual environment as possible and Microsoft Azure provides you with the ideal amount of flexibility without having to maintain certain costly physical hardware. Once you have completely audited and prepared your existing applications and workloads with the help of your Microsoft partner you can then begin to migrate to Microsoft Azure.

For any small or medium sized business owner that is wanting to migrate to the Microsoft online platform, we highly recommend that you take this route and reach out to a trusted and professional Microsoft partner in your area who you believe will genuinely be able to help you with your entire journey.

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