Jun88 Exploding Offers For First Time Depositors

trang chủ jun88 is considered one of the most popular bookies on the online gaming market today. Here, players will have the opportunity to receive super attractive rewards from many different promotional packages. One of them must mention the Jun88 first deposit bonus program for players. Stay tuned for more articles to know about this hot hit show.

1.Learn about the first deposit bonus at Jun88

First deposit bonus is a promotion applied to players who make their first transaction at the house. Accordingly, the player will receive a bonus equal to a percentage of the original amount. You can get 100% or 120% bonus from depending on your deposit level.

To enjoy the bonus for the first time, a member just needs to register an account at Jun88. Then proceed to deposit into the account and make the first bet. In addition, players need to meet certain conditions such as minimum amount and account registration period.

With the first deposit bonus program, the bookie wants to bring you satisfaction with its service. This is also an opportunity for you to experience the quality game products here. So absolutely do not miss such attractive offers at the house.

General information about the first bet bonus program at the bookie

2.Preferential programs when first loading at Jun88

When participating in the registration and first deposit at Jun88, players have the opportunity to receive many attractive rewards. In addition, players can fully participate in a number of other equally interesting promotions. Let’s take a look at 3 programs for new members at the bookie that you cannot ignore.

2.1 First deposit bonus at Jun88 up to 5 million

This is a special promotion program only for new players who register at Jun88 and make their first deposit to their account. In addition, you will receive an extra lucky spin with a bonus of up to 5 million VND. This amount can still be withdrawn to the bank if you ensure 15 rounds of betting in 30 days from the date of receipt.

2.2 First deposit bonus to Jun88 football betting account

Members will receive a bonus of 100% of the initial deposit, up to a maximum of 2 million VND when loaded into the sports hall. This bonus level also allows you to withdraw to the bank if you meet the house’s conditions. The way to receive the offer is very easy, so this is a unique opportunity for you.

2.3Receive 100% of scratch card value for the first time to Jun88 account

This is also a program that attracts a large number of participants. For this program, players will deposit money through scratch cards. After that, the member will receive a bonus equivalent to 100% of the card value for the first time. The maximum bonus for this program is up to 3 million VND.

Jun88 Exploding Offers For First Time Depositors2

The first deposit offers at the house are extremely diverse

3.How to get the first deposit offer Jun88

To receive the first deposit offer at Jun88, you need to follow a few simple steps such as:

First of all, players need to visit Jun88’s website and register for a new account. Also fulfill the necessary requirements to activate the account.

After completing the above steps, you need to make a deposit to your betting account to receive the offer. The house will limit the first deposit offer for each account. So you need to be careful when using it right away to avoid wasting your deposit.

After successfully depositing money and meeting the conditions of the first deposit bonus program. The system will automatically transfer the discount to the member’s account. You can use this bonus to participate in online betting games or keep it in your account.

4.Some notes when receiving the first deposit bonus Jun88

Although the way to participate to receive the first offer at Jun88 is very simple. However, in order to avoid the risk of happening and losing the opportunity to receive rewards, players need to carefully grasp a few notes below:

Important notes during the first deposit bonus

Players need to link the correct bank account before participating. Because the entire bonus after the program will be sent to that account number if you have a withdrawal request.

All information must be completed and confirmed the first time, if there is a mistake the whole reward will be forfeited.

Jun88 Exploding Offers For First Time Depositors3

An account, gmail, phone number can only receive the first deposit offer once. Players who show signs of cheating in receiving rewards will have their accounts locked according to regulations.

The most detailed information about the first deposit bonus at Jun88 has been compiled and updated by us. With these useful news hopefully you will have more experience in receiving rewards. Wish players participate to receive incentives successfully at the house.

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