The Advent and the future of Nuclear war within Europe

Suddenly, Europe is afraid that Russia could use a nuclear weapon.  Gary Lynch, the general manager of Rising S Company, a residential bunker builder based in Murchison, Texas, says he recently started getting calls from people in Italy, Romania, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and people in the United States and Canada.

Manufacturers say that the prefabricated shelters can withstand chemical, biological, and nuclear attacks and be built quickly. Some people use steel frames that can withstand earthquakes and bullet-proof doors. The most expensive models, which can cost a lot of money, may have air filtration systems, solar charging stations, freshwater inlets, waste tanks, and infrared security.

Rising S makes bunkers in a factory in the area and sends them to other places. A few weeks ago, Lynch said he got 1,600 calls from people who wanted to build an underground shelter in case of a nuclear disaster. They wanted to be able to hide there. That’s a lot less than the two to six calls he usually gets from people who want to build a panic room or store weapons or valuables in safe places.

Customer inquiries about bunkers led to sales ranging from $60,000 to about $200,000. All of the bunkers came with installation included.

There are many more comfortable fallout shelters in homes today than there were back then when President John F. Kennedy told people to build radiation-proof structures to protect their homes from the fallout from the Cold War.

Indeed, a premium Artemis Protection bunker looks like a high-end apartment with high ceilings, recessed lighting, and high-end fixtures. It also comes with basic amenities like a living room, shower, and TV. When Séranne said that “the sky is the limit for the rest,” she meant that. It costs more than 1 million euros for them to be bigger than 100 square meters [1,076 square feet], which some people want.

According to Séranne, the nicer bunkers are made to look like “an underground mountain chalet.” “We don’t sell creepy bunkers. Clients come to us because they want to live in something nice all year and feel good about it. Warm and welcoming things make a bunker look different to the way someone thinks of it at first.” “It’s a very personal thing. People are scared. We didn’t think this would happen in our marketing plan “he agreed.

Fears of an atomic war are the only thing being talked about here.

Séranne also thinks that some new clients are going over their budgets because of the Ukraine conflict, the most significant land war in Europe. Iodine pills that can be used to reduce radiation exposure have run out in pharmacies in Finland, Norway, and Luxembourg. They can also be bought over the counter at health food stores.


To buy an RV or go on a road trip, some people will take out lines of credit with their banks. Others aren’t investing in an RV or going on a road trip but are instead putting the money into a home extension. It’s been 22 years since Giulio Cavicchioli started Minus Energie, an Italian company that makes “secured homes.” In the last two weeks, he’s had more requests from people who want to buy them than he’s had in 22 years. Minus Energie used to primarily work with people who wanted safe rooms for their valuables or places to store guns. In this case, Cavicchioli said only that they’re talking about fears of atomic war right now.

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