The Most Accurate Way To Play League Betting

League betting brings a lot of fortune to bettors, because this is an easy sport. So specifically how the game works and how many bets are there, follow the article of nhà cái 789BET to get the correct answer.

1.The Basics of League Betting

League betting is a type of betting based on tournaments of League of Legends Esports. Every encounter from the top stages such as LCK, LPL, LCS, VCS or Worlds will be live and bet.

When starting to bet money, players will have many different doors to choose from. Stats on kills, overall wins, minutes, or dragon buffs will all have a separate betting section.

Obviously with such a variety of doors, this will be a very good opportunity for players to make a lot of profit. In addition, the level between the teams is also very different, if you have an understanding of those tournaments, you will definitely win.

2.The most popular bets in League of Legends

The most prominent feature in League betting is the very diverse number of bets. So what exactly are those games like, please follow and share below.

2.1 Bet on the winning team in LOL

This will be the door for the traditional 5 vs 5 game format that puts the overall winner. Currently, there are 3 popular ways to determine the final win in League of Legend tournaments around the world.

BO1 form: It only takes 1 game to win and that team will be counted as the final winner.

BO3 format: The team is counted to win when there are 2 wins in 3 encounters.

BO5 form: Win in the end when there are 3 games to destroy the opponent’s main house.

In particular, in League of Legends, there will not be a draw match. Therefore, when entering the bet, the player has only 2 options that increase their winning percentage.

2.2 Over/Under in League of Legends

The Over/Under door in League of Legend will bet based on factors such as number of games, number of kills, number of turrets destroyed or number of buffs eaten. The dealer will give an average of those factors and the player only has to guess whether the actual number is greater or less.

For example, in the match between SKT vs DRX at the last Worlds 2022, the Over/Under number of the match was 2.5. At the end of the match, the player wins when placing the bet because the confrontation has actually reached game 5.

2.3 The game door catches the exact score of LOL

As mentioned above, the scheduled LOL tournaments will compete in 3 forms: BO1, BO3 and BO5, so the number of matches will be limited. Specifically, the scores that can be caught in League of Legends will be 1-0, 2-0, 2-1, 3-0, 3-1, 3-2.

Depending on how different the strength of the two teams is, the reward ratio for the scores will be different. However, most are at a very high level, betting players can take advantage of the game to make big profits.

2.4 Handicap in League betting

In betting, the handicap is an indispensable game and has extremely easy rules for placing money. Specifically, in a match the stronger team will accept factors such as the number of games or the kill handicap.

Those odds are all given by the house and always determine the Odds win rate for the bet. Obviously with a huge win potential, this is also a worthy investment for players.

2.5Other stats bets in League of Legend

Index bets in 1 game are also very interesting games in LOL. Specifically, players will guess whether or not team A and B will eat Baron or Dragon 5. Besides, the game will be like guessing the official game time of the game, guessing which team will eat the first turret, and have the first victory. also create diversity for League betting.

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In particular, with only having to choose 1 in 2 cases at each betting door, the player will have a great chance of winning. In addition, the Odds rate offered by the house is also very high, you can absolutely make a lot of profit from the game.

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3. Great tips to win big when playing League betting

Although League betting always has a very high winning rate with extremely easy bets. However, if you do not have your own betting tips, you will face many difficulties during the game. To help you overcome those obstacles, we have compiled the best tips compiled below.

Choose from 2 to 3 main doors: Because there are many different players, it is difficult to control the amount of money spent. Therefore, bettors should only choose from 2 to 3 main bets to invest.

Only play when you have knowledge of tournaments LOL: Each League of Legends has a difference in level. Therefore, choose to pay for the matches you already know the information.

Only play bets with high Odds: Unlike normal betting, in LOL you will be given a high Odds rate even though the game is very easy. Therefore, bettors should choose such bets to win bigger.

Above is all information about League betting that 789BET has compiled and sent to you. Although it is a new form, with many different players and a high payout ratio, this is a type that is gradually becoming famous.

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