The Photo of the Guy Alvin Kamara Beat Up

You’ve heard about the guy Alvin Kamara beat up. The former Saints tight end, who made the Pro Bowl this season, is currently facing up to five years in prison on a charge of battery. The NFL player allegedly beat the guy unconscious with 23 kicks and 9 stomps. The victim has posted a photo of the aftermath of the alleged incident on Instagram. He looks pretty battered, and you can’t help but wonder how Kamara managed to stay free.

The fight broke out early Saturday morning on the Las Vegas strip. The men were trying to board an elevator. The victim tried to get on with Kamara, but he was pushed back by the other guy. Kamara then punched the man several times. The video shows that Kamara didn’t even throw the first punch, but joined the other guys in beating up the victim. After the man was beaten, he was arrested.

The victim was able to identify Alvin Kamara as the suspect in the beating. The police released the video of the attack, and the former Saints tight end was arrested and charged with battery of a person causing serious bodily injury. The victim declined to answer to interview requests, but a friend of the victim told reporters that the man was recovering from his injuries. The victim hasn’t been identified publicly yet.

Despite the cops’ initial reports, the video shows Kamara allegedly hitting the man eight times, and several other people punching Greene on the ground. The arrest report contradicts Kamara’s memory and suggests that the video shows that Greene was not running away. He was lying on the ground and not even conscious when the attack started. It is unclear what caused the fight. In any case, the investigation is ongoing.

Despite the police video, the incident happened in an impromptu nightclub. The incident happened in a nightclub, but it is not clear what sparked the altercation. But the surveillance video shows Kamara punching the victim at least three times. Security workers at the nightclub intervened and the incident was stopped. The man did not have any other injuries, but the video is enough to show that the attackers were not just one person.

Despite being a star in the NFL, Kamara is now facing an arrest for battery resulting in serious bodily injury. Despite being a top NFL tight end, the New Orleans Saints star was allegedly attacked outside a nightclub. The arrest was reported to the Las Vegas Metro PD. Police were called to the club in the evening and the suspect, identified as Kamara, was taken to the hospital.

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