Top Up 789BET With Zalopay: Simple, Fast Operation

Top up 789BETs with Zalopay is a popular and convenient online deposit method. Players only need to own a Zalopay e-wallet account to be able to deposit and withdraw money very quickly when they can be linked to a betting account at the house. Follow 789BET to follow the following article and see detailed instructions on how to do it.

1.Introduce the house 789BET

789BET is a large and reputable online bookmaker in the Vietnamese market. The bookie is an entertainment game provider that has been licensed by the European Parliament and Commission Transparency Registry under license number C-39017 issued in October 2016.

Currently, the bookie is also a member of the European Gaming & Betting Association (EGBA), the Vietnamese name is the European Gambling and Betting Association. All betting and redemption activities held at 789BET are legal, fair and transparent to all players.

In addition to the prestige and quality, the 789BET playground is also loved by gamers for its quick and convenient service experience. The playground is one of the entertainment venues that integrates multiple online payment methods.

Participating gamers can experience convenient payment methods, suitable for each person’s needs. The bookie has just added a method of depositing 789BET with Zalopay to the payment system. This will be a quick way to pay for those who have been using this e-wallet.

2.How to top up 789BET with Zalopay

One of the advantages of the 789BET house that is highly appreciated by players is the online payment transaction system via e-wallet. Recently, the bookie has expanded its cooperation with the e-wallet issuer Zalopay and integrated this method into the payment system.

Screenshot 2 1

Players can quickly top up money from Zalopay account to house account with just a few simple steps. If you still do not know how to deposit 789BET with Zalopay, please refer to the following instructions.

Step 1: Log in and choose to top up 789BET with Zalopay

Players log in to an existing member account at 789BET. Then, at the homepage, select the Deposit section, here, the player chooses the payment method via Zalopay e-wallet.

Step 2: Top up 789BET with Zalopay

Similar to the deposit method from Momo, members will be provided with 789BET Zalopay account information. You copy this information and use the Zalopay application to make a money transfer. The amount to be transferred corresponds to the amount to be deposited into the account. Note, Zalopay account needs to have the same username and phone number as the main account name registered at 789BET.

Step 3: Confirm recharge information with Zalopay

After successfully transferring money, the player returns to the deposit screen with Zalopay at the home page of 789BET. Here, bettors need to enter information such as: amount to transfer, transaction code. Check the information and press the “Deposit” command to complete.

Screenshot 3 1

Step 4: Confirmation system

The payment system will confirm your Zalopay top-up. After the house confirms the success, the money will be added directly to the member’s account.

3.Note when depositing 789BET with Zalopay

To ensure a smooth and fast deposit process, players need to note a few issues below:

Read carefully and copy the exact account information of the dealer’s Zalopay account to avoid transferring the wrong account.

Screenshot of 789BET recharge transaction receipt with Zalopay for comparison in case of need. The picture of the receipt should have specific information about the sender’s name, the amount, and the remittance transaction number.

Players when entering the amount to deposit at 789BET’s Zalopay deposit screen need to remove 3 zeros. The value of points at 789BET is 1000 = 1 point. If you deposit 100,000 you only need to enter 100.

The deposit amount must be greater than the amount remaining in the Zalopay account.

Players use the main account to transfer money, avoiding the case of using someone else’s Zalopay account leading to unsuccessful top-up transactions.

Do not transfer money at times of weak network, 4G signal, weak wifi. Because this will interrupt the transaction process leading to unsuccessful deposit transaction.

Screenshot 4 1

Players should note not to deposit 789BET with Zalopay during the house maintenance hours. During these times, the system will not be able to confirm your deposit immediately. Players need to wait for the maintenance period to expire before the transaction you make can continue.

After 24 hours, your deposit is still not successfully confirmed by the system. At this time, members need to directly contact the customer service consultant of 789BET via hotline for assistance in checking the problem and troubleshooting instructions.

The above article has provided players with instructions on how to top up with Zalopay. Hopefully with the above sharing, readers will easily make a deposit transaction. Wish you have a convenient and convenient service experience and see you in the next articles.

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