WFT Cheerleader Photos Leaked

The latest news on the WFT cheerleader scandal shows the organization’s staffers are being instructed to take behind-the-scenes footage of the cheerleaders during practice and games. The Washington Post reported the story in 2020. Since then, several more stories have followed. But why is the WFT now under investigation? Is there a cover-up? And is the WFT doing anything to correct the situation?

A series of lawsuits has also come to light, with the NFL fineing WFT a $10 million fine for inappropriate conduct. In July, a review of the WFT’s work culture found that the cheerleaders were forced to wear revealing topless t-shirts, shorts, and shirts. The NFL has agreed to release the report, but it remains unclear if the investigation is complete or if the cheerleaders have been mistreated.

A recent Washington Football Team investigation reveals that some of the cheerleaders have received inappropriate emails from coaches about the company’s workplace culture. These emails reportedly contained inappropriate language and photos of women wearing only bikini bottoms. The allegations are not new, and the NFL has yet to comment. However, the cheerleaders themselves are the “actual victims” of the situation. They are demanding the full investigation report. In addition, they have asked the NFL to release the emails that showed the topless photos.

The latest video featuring partially-naked cheerleaders was produced on June 22, 2010 after a calendar shoot in the Dominican Republic. The videos have the same soundtrack, including Aerosmith’s “Sweet Emotion” and U2’s “Mysterious Ways.” The cheerleaders are repeatedly seen gazing at the camera, and the video producer reportedly spliced the footage together.

The Washington Redskins cheerleaders spoke to The New York Times in 2017. The team filmed the calendar in a posh adults-only resort. During the shoot, the cheerleaders were wearing only bikinis, including nipples. In addition to the cheerleaders, the team invited some FedExField suite holders and an all-male contingent. Despite the scandal, the cheerleaders were happy and comfortable – but the photos of a nudity-free woman were subsequently published in a calendar.

Former WFT cheerleaders are calling on the NFL to release full results of an investigation into the workplace culture. According to the New York Times, coaches passed around inappropriate topless photos of cheerleaders. And the Raiders’ head coach, Jon Gruden, allegedly passed the photos around to general manager Bruce Allen. The emails are not the first revelation about the WFT cheerleaders’ underwear. The Washington cheerleaders, who were also concerned before the investigation, have also complained about the behavior and have demanded a full investigation.

The Redskins’ management and cheerleaders have repeatedly denied the accusations, but there are some former executives whose names are being implicated. Aside from Michael, former pro personnel director Alex Santos, Mitch Gershman, and Dennis Greene were all recently fired. In addition, allegations have surfaced that the organization sold access to cheerleaders. These former executives have not responded to requests for comment.

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