Why has Virat Kohli stepped down as the captain recently?

During the 2014 Test series in Australia, Virat Kohli took over for MS Dhoni and led India to victory. On Saturday, Kohli stepped down as Test captain. Many people thought India would lose the series 3-0 to South Africa even though they thought they would win it easily. This may have been the reason for the change. Also, a former Indian cricketer says that feats like Babar Azam’s run reminded him of a run Sunil Gavaskar made.


We look at Virat Kohli’s decision to step down as Test captain:

President of the BCCI Sourav Ganguly and head of the selectors Chetan Sharma told reporters that the board had asked Virat Kohli not to resign as team captain before the T20 World Cup. Kohli had already made up his mind by then. Indians didn’t do well at the T20 World Cup, the cherry on top.

Virat Kohli got a phone call from Chetan Sharma, who told him that Rohit Sharma had been named India’s one-day international captain. This meant that Kohli would be India’s white-ball captain in the future because he had already been named the T20 captain for the tour of New Zealand. People wanted to have a single leader instead of two white-ball captains. During the series in New Zealand, Kohli was no longer captain of the one-day games.

In the past, Kohli has had a lot of help from Ravi Shastri, Bharat Arun, and R Sridhar, but now they’re all leaving. Given that a new group of people will develop new ideas, it was the only time.

Many people think that Kohli knew that he was going to leave the T20 captaincy job when he did it, but he said that he didn’t do it. This made his relationship with the board even worse because it was at an all-time low.

Kohli may have decided to step down as Test captain because India lost 1-2 to South Africa. In Indian cricket, there have been a lot of captains who lost their jobs after their team lost on the other side of the world, especially if the team was expected to win the game. Kohli’s position as captain may have been in danger at some point, which may have led him to step down as captain.

Test captain: For seven years, he has been in charge of India’s team in Tests. He has also led the Indian team in one-day and Twenty20 games. People who do this kind of work have a lot of stress, and it can hurt their mental and emotional health in many different ways. Following the team for so long, Kohli may have felt mentally worn out and wanted to work on his own game for the next three to four years. He is still one of the best batters globally, no matter how old he is.

When something in this world runs out, it is time to bring in some new ideas, new people, and some fresh air.

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